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Tel: (+234) 0912 968 4729 No phone calls, WhatsApp only 10am - 5pm Monday to Saturday 

+447404109123 (WhatsApp Only 10am - 6pm daily) 

Enquiries & Assistance with Placing online orders via WhatsApp Only

+447404109123 or +44 7310056799 (Follow the instructions below)

If you see our adverts on facebook, instagram or any other social media platform, kindly click on the picture of the item and it takes you directly to our website where you can order it.

Please only send pictures of items from our website if you would like us to assist you place an order. You also have to check if we have the size / age of the item you are interested in ordering on our website before sending any pictures.

Please note we do not send pictures to customers.

Do NOT forward any broadcast to us or you would be automatically blocked

Do NOT send us messages asking for money or messages which are flirty in nature to any of our staff, such numbers will be blocked instantly.

Note: Please do not call our UK WhatsApp numbers unless you want to discuss an order you have placed with us. Calls between hours 9 am - 8 pm daily.