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Jako Pro Pure Boys Sports Sweatpants

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Jako Pro Pure Boys Sports Sweatpants

The Jako Pro sweatpants are sports pants designed exclusively for sports. With the Jako training pants Pro the complete construction, as well as the material and the cut form on the training use was designed. For this, the Jako Pro training pants have a cut shape that runs close to the leg. Above all, the area of ​​the calves is designed so that the training pants so tight by elastic elements. However, the Jako Pro tracksuit bottoms have a zipper for customisation. In the upper area is the long training pants of the Teamsport line equipped with an elastic cuff and additionally with a drawstring. In addition to the cut, the material of the training pants is designed entirely for sports use. Athletes, as well as clubs receive the long and tight Jako sports pants made of a particularly robust material based on polyester. 

Jako Track Pants Pro Line data:

  • Sports pants for training use only
  • Narrow cut in the entire leg area
  • Leg closure with rib insert and zipper
  • Side pockets with zipper
  • Elastic cuff and drawstring
  • 100% polyester.

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